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Amongst his fellow Dj peers, with an all local NYC lineup,  The Lunar Lounge floor filled...until the end, PRIMAL SKIN playing--the first original production with an apropos dom/sub theme in spoken word, over a classic deep house flavor reminiscent of Soundfactory.  Or perhaps Saint At Large?  His Dream come True to play this song to the throngs in thongs, and harnesses...and the sexy beat took over the revelers, leaving them in a state of dancefloor domination!  Feeling the dynamic begin to throttle them forward, peeling away their PRIMAL SKIN.  It was a coup!!!!!!


My Debut In Providence, RI...ROOFTOP TEA!


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DJ Dandylion

Welcome to my online resume.  Long before I took on deejaying, I was a dancer.  Now I'm also a producer. Circa 2003, I threw my very first San Francisco party, Spintuition, and spun alongside distinguished guest, John Cameron Mitchell. Migrating from SF, to Hawai'i, Portland, OR, and eventually NYC, I found my home and Spintuitive Studios in Brooklyn.  Here is where mixes like Black Swag, mashups like Immolate Yourself Tonight, and productions like Primal Skin, Albondiga Bodega, and the samba house remix of Aquarela Do Brasil manifested.  DJ/Producer Erik Elias took me under his wing, and we signed to Berlin Records, and Whatever!  With this being the third summer in a row, Club Church in Amsterdam had me deejay their Europride edition weekly event, Blue. Also under the belt are gigs in Berlin for the Yo!Sissy Music Festival 2015, traveling extensively in the US, and playing locally with Carry Nation, Mattachine, Scandalo, and my current residency with Bears Night Out/Urban Bear at Rockbar, now in its 2nd year.  As the resume expands, it now includes the cache of the 2017 BLACK PARTY, where a floor of dancers packed in and enjoyed the darker side of Dandy.   Ever the wordsmith, examples of my concepts & branding have been honed with parties like Coinslot, Hip Replacement, plus the newest collaboration and soon to come, BOOTLEG...and to name a few, live studio DJ mixes such as Sexualchemy, Panoply, and Whizdum.  Besides the spinning...Collage, multimedia installation, songwriting, and a teeshirt line of poignant plays on words, Clothe-spin, are the current crux of this international artist, musician, dancer, and community-oriented party promoter.  New York has cut my teeth, and Berlin is my future forward next move in the making. Onward ho!  Born and raised on the West Coast..........the next level in deejaying, producing, and curating events will immigrate east, taking on a new continent, Europe.  

BEARS NIGHT OUT 1st Saturdays@ Rockbar NYC (2015-2017, current)

This was featured by URBAN BEAR, who sponsor my residency:

"Bears Night Out is going on it's 2nd successful year, treating Rockbar and Urban Bears to the sounds of Dj Dandylion. Beyond eclectic, his blend of Discofunk, Soulful House, R&B, and 80's music is peppered with classics you'd never expect to hear in a bar. Coming off the recent success at The Black Party, the satellite residency with Club Church in Amsterdam, and Berlin's Yo Sissy Festival, Dj Dandylion has garnered international attention...not to mention the overwhelming response to the mix, Sexualchemy, as it just topped a whopping 8000 plays on Soundcloud!!! Signed to Ber'lin Records with his first original co-production, the track Primal Skin was chosen for the compilation Vocal House Sessions 11 from UK based LW Recordings, a milestone for the career as an up-and-coming producer. He represents NYC and the Bear Community every 1st Saturday at Rockbar with a uniquely curated soundtrack and stunning visuals to boot! You can listen, download a mix, or check out Dandylion by visiting www.spintuition.com ~~}" 

*MARINATE 2nd Sundays @ Eastern Bloc, NYC (2010-2015)

With a reputation for spinning underground dance music, and a slew of talented guests dj's, performers, and hosts, 2nd Sundays at Eastern Bloc NYC provided the perfect opportunity for a party template.  The offshoot Stacked Sundays featured 3 Dj's, visuals, and an extensive crew in order to indulge a saucy occasion.  It was a fun run, but wisely ended on a good note. Thanks to Darren Dryden and Ernie Cote who booked me, allowing MARINATE to stew in its juices for five whole years!!!!

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